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LOCATION  New York and DC (with an additional 16 oces worldwide)

SIZE  1400+ in New York, 300+ in DC


Meet Danielle & Lauren

Maven spoke to two members of Cleary’s HR team about the selection, implementation and impact of Maven’s suite of benefits.

Danielle Caloia, a Benefits Manager in Cleary’s New York office with a decade of experience in labor law, recruitment, employee relations and benefits administration.

Lauren Cortina, PHR, SHRM-CP, a Human Resources Generalist in Cleary’s DC office with more than a decade of experience in employee benefits and compensation, recruitment and employee onboarding.


Engagement and Utilization


of pregnant employees enrolled within first six months (more stats here)


of users registered in their first or second trimester


interactions with a provider per quarter


Family Benefits are a place where firms can really differentiate themselves from others.



As one of the nation’s preeminent law firms, Cleary is committed to offering employees an industry-leading benefits package, and was looking for a program to support expectant and new parents beyond their existing paid leave policy and child care options. Further, offering fertility and egg freezing benefits was important to Cleary to make sure employees had all options around family planning at their fingertips. But any new benefit had to be easy to implement. And, because Cleary’s professional staff is dedicated to responding to the demands of their prestigious clients, they needed a user-friendly solution that was not limited to regular business hours.


Maven differentiated itself from competitors in a number of key areas, making the end decision a “no-brainer” according to Danielle.

First, the benefits themselves. Unlike any other solution, Maven is a one-stop-shop that covers everything a millennial might need when they start a family, including IVF support, partner support, adoption, surrogacy, and pregnancy. Maven’s 15-month maternity program was standout, focusing on the entire maternity, postpartum, and return-to-work experience. Its unrivaled network of over 1,200 highly vetted health providers, including specialists like lactation consultants, career coaches, and sleep coaches, has a practitioner for every user.


With Maven, you have actual maternal and family health specialists who are answering your questions, not just a person who's knowledgeable in the field. When you're breastfeeding, you want an actual, certified lactation consultant. You don't want somebody who was just trained on something a month ago.


Maven is also a perfect fit for Cleary’s busy employees. Its innovative mobile app allows for on-demand access to its practitioner network, extensive resource library, and a personal “concierge” or care coordinator, who serves as a guide and contact throughout the fertility and maternity journey.

Meanwhile, HR appreciated what Lauren called “the most seamless and simple implementation process that I’ve ever encountered.”

Internal buy-in came with remarkable ease. After seeing all Maven had to offer, a senior executive commented, “I wish I had this when I had my son.”


In just six months, Cleary has seen significant utilization of Maven—74% of pregnant employees are already participating (and through Year 1 of the contract, Maven anticipates 95% participation) without any incentives and have found Maven via company intranet or through direct emails from Cleary’s HR team. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive so far. 

Danielle says “this was one of the first benefits to garner such an outpouring of praise, even from employees who were never planning on using it.The impact has been huge.” Here’s what just a few employees had to say:


I just wanted to give a great big “thumbs-up” for making accessible such important and vital information for the people who need it. It is by far one of the best benefits within the benefits package.. Again, a great offering!!!



My Maven Care Coordinator was great. She really understood my issues at this early phase of my pregnancy and helped me understand what resources are there to help. I'm looking forward to working with her for the next nine months.


After rolling out maternity, adding Maven’s fertility program a few months later was an “obvious” next step, according to Danielle. Egg freezing is now covered, as are treatments for LGBT employees seeking to become parents.

Danielle says “Our instinct was that family benefits would have a universal appeal, even if they were only used by a subset of employees. The positive response and goodwill generated has exceeded anything we’d imagined.”

In just six months, Maven has increased Cleary’s employee satisfaction and even aided recruitment efforts.

Lauren has found that “Family benefits are essential for attracting and retaining the top talent we need. With more women practicing law than ever before, these benefits are even more imperative. And with their regular reporting, Maven makes it easy to measure impact and engagement, and we know we are getting our money’s worth.”